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There are no better words to give birth to this project.

I started this project because I believe on the importance of tinkering. This word sums up one of the best qualities an engineer should have: it is the “attempt to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory way”. And that’s what we sometimes, as engineers, need to do in order to come up with new, revolutionary things. Inspiration is key.

To start making new things, there are two roads in this game: read insane amounts of documentation, or see projects that have been already made and that some good folks released for you to check out — hopefully open source.

As a Computer Science student, I am well aware of the abundance of resources on the internet to learn Computer Science –well, there’s Stack Overflow!–; however, sometimes it can be hard to find inspiration, either because the projects are too complex, they are not well documented, or they do not have enough quality.

Bloomgogo Developers aims to be a game changer on this, by giving you the resources to start making new things, seeing real-world scenarios that’ll make your imagination run as fast as a rocket.

Our goal is to create a high-quality project hub for everyone interested. As simple as that. To start, we published two basic projects that you can check out in our portfolio.

Help us!

If you have any projects you think deserve being here, you can contact us at, and join our project base! We’ll be more than glad to hear from you. Let’s do this together.



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